About Us

Our Story...

Shortly after Gwen lost her mother in 1999, she dreamt that her mother asked her to get up and make some bread pudding; it was their favorite dessert. When Gwen awakened the next day she had an overwhelming desire for some bread pudding with pineapple in it. Giving in to that desire she proceeded to make the bread pudding, and while baking in the oven, a friend dropped by and asked "what is that sweet smelling aroma I smell in this house!" Gwen told her she was baking some bread pudding and her friend decided to extend her stay. After she tasted the bread pudding her friend said to her "Girl, this is the best bread pudding I have ever tasted and I’m a dessert connoisseur!" Then she added, "you really need to put this on the market. It would be a sin not to share it with the world. One day your bread pudding could become a household name!" Since her friend felt so strongly about it Gwen decided to conduct a test market and when she did, everyone agreed that Bread Puddin’ Crunch is second to none!

By March 2000 Gwen launched her company Bread Puddin' Crunch Inc. It was later changed to it's current name, Five Star Desserts. And soon after, the slogan was born, “Even if you don’t like bread pudding", you’ll love Bread Puddin’ Crunch!