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Bread Pudding Crunch® is a gourmet dessert. What classifies our bread pudding as a gourmet item? According to the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade, our bread pudding fits the following characteristics:

It is a dessert that is of the highest grade and quality in its category. It has a particular processing design and currently in limited supply. It is high in quality in both content and form. And it is modestly priced because of the costly ingredients and labor used in its preparation.

Gwen's Old Fashioned Bread Puddin' Crunch® is made with no extra preservatives, just bread, eggs, milk, butter, sugar, spices and our special touch of love --- That's it! A gourmet dessert made with a twist, it's crunchy on the top and "puddinny" on the bottom.

"It's the bread pudding of the new millennium!"

Gwen's Old Fashioned Bread Puddin' Crunch® has been featured in: The Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Defender Newspaper, Prepared Foods Magazine, Law & Liberty Institute for Justice Magazine, WGCI Radio, just to name a few. Dreamworks Production Co. was also one of our customers.

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